Thematic Dialogues & Spaces

Our expertise in designing and facilitating dialogues, as well as customizing purposeful events and shared spaces, has enabled us to extend our reach to numerous locations, including Tokyo, Helsinki, Cairo, Dubai, Tunisia, Amman, Beirut, Brussels, Geneva, Amsterdam, Milan, and other cities. Our extensive knowledge allows us to craft comprehensive agendas that address a broad spectrum of issues and sectors.

Our services include, but are not limited to: national and urban strategy dialogues, conservation and development strategy workshops, peacebuilding initiatives, community development and heritage discussions, business network and governance process considerations, women’s clubs, and integrated water management programs. We utilize innovative tools and techniques and employ state-of-the-art participatory approaches.

Our objective is to stimulate divergent thinking and then foster convergence of ideas. We support and streamline effective decision-making, debate, brainstorming, strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluation services. Moreover, we prioritize the creation of dynamic environments that encourage fruitful collaboration. This commitment is evident in our dedication to nurturing productive conversations and delivering impactful outcomes.

Our services include:

● Designing, planning, and facilitating events, dialogues, and workshops.

● Developing agendas based on the client's objectives.

● Identifying the necessary approaches, tools, and techniques.

● Directing participant dynamics and energy.

● Documenting the findings and outcomes of the events.